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Here’s Everything You Get…. 

The Complete New Edition Of The

Lawn and Landscape Marketing and Management Toolkit Membership™

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8 instruction manuals, over 1000 pages of How-To build a super-successful company.

30 hours of training courses on audio cd.

6 hours of dvd video training.

Over 400 pages of written policies, plans and procdures on one thumb drive.


2-Months FREE Trial Of My
“GOLD Club Membership”!

Which Includes These Value Add-On Services…

·Monthly New Mover Addresses
· Monthly Client Newsletter Service
· Unlimited Access To Recorded Calls
· Bi-Weekly Members Group Coaching Calls
· 24-Hour Email-In Access
· Weekly Email Marketing Tips
· 4 Private Calls with Tony

And My 2 Super-Bonuses:

Two Tickets To Our Live
Profit Builder Training Event for $1497 (regular $3,497)

Access To Some Of My Most Recent Group Coaching
Call Recordings… 

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The Lawn And Landscape Marketing & Management Tool Kit Membership Payment Terms:
1. The Lawn And Landscape Marketing & Management Tool Kit Membership consists of either one payment of $1,997 or three payments of $695. The first payment is charged on the day of purchase and the second and third payments (if three payment plan is selected) will be charged in 30 and 60 days respectively.
2. Flat rate shipping charges anywhere in the United States are $20.
3. All International flat rate shipments are $50.
4. You have a 60 day unconditional guarantee from the date of purchase for any reason.
5. Should you miss any payments, your guarantee is null and void.
6. Accounts that remain unpaid 15 days after the invoice due date will be terminated.
7. Membership in the Super Lawn Marketing and Management Toolkit is reserved for one person and one e-mail address. You may purchase additional licenses for your company for $67 per month per license. Please notify your account manager if you need additional licenses.

Gold Membership 2-Month Free Trial:
1. Since this IS the most important part of keeping you on track and giving you the support
you need, by initializing the order form you'll get these first 2 months of these products and services for FREE. Then after the first free two months you will be automatically debited $297
each month unless you cancel beforehand. You can cancel anytime with a simple 30-day written notice via email, fax or letter.  But this would not be smart. You will forfeit all bonuses and no longer receive member benefits.
2. Membership is NON-contractual and can be cancelled anytime with an email or letter sent to
our office. Membership fees are not refundable.  Missing calls or failing to use the membership service will not be reason for refund at any time.


You will get exactly what you want out of the membership.  You will get a ton of information in the form of books, audio, video, email and video training.  You will get a coach to guide you. Please remember, we can take you to the gym, we can explain the weights, we can encourage you, we can support the end YOU must lift the weights...repeatedly...until you've got the habit....until living a great life and what you do is as automatic as brushing your teeth.  It's true, there is over 1000 pages of "how to" and "what works" in this toolkit. It's true our students have learned how to organize their businesses and sell millions of dollars of profitable work along the way.  You have access to every last page as soon as you decide to order.  However, we can't make you successful unless you do the work.  But we can point you, help you when you're stuck and applaud you when you get there!  And we will do these things as promised.  So please, join the SLT Membership Toolkit right now and let's get started working ON your business.

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